While barbecue is a great weekend meal, it can also be an easy dinner meal you can make during the week without heating up the kitchen, and potentially with less to clean up.  Here are 3 barbecue dinner recipes you can use to create interesting and tasty dinners that do not require much preparation or clean-up:

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Here are a few new recipes for hamburgers – try one of them tonight and have a more interesting dinner:

Like my dad always told me, nothing is really free.

There are companies out there that offer free hosting for your web site, and there are some good uses for free web hosting, especially if you are setting up a personal temporary site, and, in some cases, it can also be helpful in some Search Engine Optimization strategies if you are setting up a collection of related websites connected with a common theme (though some webmasters go too far and incur the wrath of G–gle).

The blog entry you are now reading is hosted free by wordpress.com, which is one of the best free hosts for blogs.  It is a specialized kind of hosting and has built in constraints that discourage abuse.  Generalized web hosting must have other kinds of constraints to avoid abuse or overuse of a shared and limited resource, and it is those constraints that you may or may not be able to live with from a free web host. 

Recommended Free Web Hosting Article:
Here is an article we found that discusses the current state of free web hosting and how it may or may not be suitable for small business web hosting

Please share your ideas below about free web hosting and when you think it is appropriate for use for a business web site.

Now is one of the best times to plan a vacation in Hawaii – you will get the best prices if you plan at least a month or two in advance, and when the kids are back in school, you will have less demand from families with school-age children.  On the other hand, if you have school-age children, you have just enough time to make reservations for a vacation before the kids have to be back in school.

 Here are some good-quality Hawaii resort hotels:

  • The Cliffs Resort
  • Vacation Internationale Kapaa Shore
  • Fairfield Hawaii at Royal Sea Cliff
  • Holua Resort at Mauna Loa Village -Rental-
  • Aston at Papakea Resort – Holiday Network
  • PAHIO at the Shearwater
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  • If you want to make lunch in a hurry but want an alternative to fast food, here are some quick and easy recipes:

  • Potato Cabbage Box Lunch
  • Express Ratatouille Lunch
  • Spaghetti quick lunch
  • Tomato Broccoli Quick Lunch
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    Homemade dog treats are better than storebought because you can control what’s in them so you know they are wholesome.

    Here’s one your dog will love:

    dog biscuits with rolled oats, cornmeal and cheddar cheese

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    There is a lot of misinformation out there about cholesterol so I hope you enjoy these articles about lowering your cholesterol ( actually improving the ratio of LDL low density cholesterol to HDL high density cholestorol ), so here are a few articles I found that may actually be helpful:

    Trans Fat in Diet Causes Weight Gain and Belly Fat

    Good Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol

    Get Free Special Reports on Cholesterol and Heart Health